Episode 13– Healing Through Breastfeeding: Honoring the Past, Investing in the Future
March 27, 2023


Guest Speakers:   

  • Dr. Kimarie Bugg, Chief Empowerment Office and Change Leader, Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere, Inc. (ROSE) 
  • Dalecia Young, Founder and Full Spectrum Doula, Due North Support Services 

This interview-episode highlights the journeys of Kimarie and Dalecia as they found their passion and purpose in helping lactating people achieve their breastfeeding goals. Intertwining lived experience and the desire to make a difference, you will hear how Dalecia and Kimarie found their calling in breastfeeding work. You will learn about how breastfeeding has been a healing journey and a way to reconnect with our past. You will also hear about the ongoing challenges in accessing adequate and culturally appropriate breastfeeding, especially for black and brown communities. 

Tune in now to hear host Atyya Chaudhry and our guest speakers talk about their lived experience as breastfeeding mothers and how their personal experiences fueled their professional journeys.   


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