The AMCHP Annual Conference Scholarship: Integrating the Perspectives of CBOs, Family Leaders, Youth, & Tribal Government Representatives Into AMCHP 2023
January 18, 2023

The AMCHP Annual Conference is one of the country’s largest gatherings of maternal and child health (MCH) professionals. Every year, the conference aims to highlight the impact MCH programs are making at all levels for women, children, and families and to provide participants with tools and resources to develop, enhance, and sustain vital MCH programs and services. Each year, AMCHP’s annual conference brings together more than 1,000 MCH leaders, researchers, and practitioners to share the latest ideas, evidence, and wisdom in maternal and child health. The theme of this year’s conference is: Cultivating Diverse Leaders in Maternal and Child Health. 

So What is AMCHP’s Conference Scholarship?

The AMCHP Annual Conference Scholarship aims to invite and financially support youth and young adult leaders (including students), family leaders, community‐based organizations (CBOs), and representatives of tribal entities involved with your MCH efforts to attend. Often community members and youth and young adults are not involved, integrated, or prioritized when it comes to the various policies and programs that impact their peers and families. Cultivating and sustaining relationships with diverse leaders cannot be achieved without amplifying, supporting, and compensating the efforts of community leaders who contribute to the vitality of maternal and child health! 

How Can I Support?

AMCHP is committed to providing a space and audience so that their perspective is recognized and integrated into MCH priorities. Fostering an environment at the conference to learn from, network with, and share insights with one another is a great opportunity for you to do so as well! We believe that supporting representatives to attend the conference will increase your program’s capacity in youth and community engagement and leadership development and will be a meaningful step toward building and sustaining trusting relationships with these groups in your state.  

 We encourage you to visit our conference registration page and consider making the financial investment to send youth and young adults, family leaders, CBOs, and representatives of tribal entities from your state or jurisdiction to the conference, either in-person or virtually.  

To explore the 2023 AMCHP Annual Conference draft schedule at-a-glance and registration rates, please visit our website at this link or email us with any questions at