What Your Organization Can Receive from Participating in AMCHP’s Replication Project
December 19, 2022

AMCHP Innovation Hub’s annual Replication Project launch is currently underway and in its early stages as we prepare to receive applications from parties interested in replicating work from the MCH Innovations Database. Numerous benefits come along with this opportunity. Some are standard, such as the funds applicants receive for their practice, but we would like to share other examples of benefits with testimonies from previous participants.

One-on-one coaching

This is a big piece of the project and several recipients of the project’s grants have mentioned how important this has been to them.

“I think some of the biggest benefits for our organization is being able to share side-by-side and compare what we are doing at Small World Yoga (SWY) and what Urban Lotus Project (ULP) does. Having a side-by-side comparison of what works and what doesn’t has been so insightful for us. Being able to see what worked and didn’t work for ULP has also been really great…We have been able to brainstorm with the ULP team and play out scenarios so that we can (as best we can) make sure that we execute them with little to no hiccups. The team at ULP has been so beneficial in implementing new processes for our upcoming projects!”

Coaches of the replication projects have also expressed their positive experiences in assisting awardees with the implementation of their selected practice.

“This was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my Title V MCH role & gave me such joy to help guide another agency towards a successful and sustainable implementation. I shared contacts and resources and made connections as a state representative with peers in the other state replicating the project.”

Quarterly webinars

Participants don’t just collaborate with their practice coach. There is also room for collaboration in the quarterly webinars which presents important information regarding implementation to the participants. It also allows for peer sharing and feedback that can be helpful as awardees move through the replication process together.

Advice from previous participants

Past participants of the project also share some advice to offer to any future participants of the project:

“First, be open to change and responding to other perspectives. You’ll learn a lot from your coaches, and you can use their expertise as a stepping stone to pursue additional ideas.”

This project isn’t just to replicate, but it also allows for the growth of all those involved so that they can continue to contribute meaningful work in maternal and child health (MCH).

My organization is interested! How do we apply? Applications for this opportunity will be accepted until March 3, 2023, and you can visit our website for more information and review our Readiness Checklist to get started! Note that in order to apply, you must first complete an exploratory call by January 31, 2023.