Episode 8 – Public Health Across Borders: Unaccompanied Immigrant Children, Mental Health, and the U.S. Immigration System
August 24, 2022

Guest Speakers:

  • José Ortiz-Rosales, Deputy Program Director of the Child Advocate Program, the Young Center
  • Anne Kelsey, Policy Analyst for Disability Rights, the Young Center

Take a brief break to listen to our latest MCH Bridges podcast episode! This episode explores the unique experiences of unaccompanied immigrant children (UICs) and how immigration impacts mental health. Guest speakers José Ortiz-Rosales, Deputy Director of the Young Center’s Child Advocate Program, and Anne Kelsey, Policy Analyst for Disability Rights at the Young Center, offer their perspectives on opportunities for the public health field to better support unaccompanied minors’ mental and physical health needs.

The Young Center, an organization dedicated to promoting immigrant children’s rights, ensures the safety and best interests of unaccompanied children in United States custody by advocating for them as they navigate the immigration system.


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