Catalina Desouza, BS
Evidence & Implementation Intern

Background & Bio
Catalina DeSouza is an Evidence and Implementation Intern at AMCHP. She is a graduate student at George Washington University and is completing her MPH with a focus on Maternal and Child Health in May of 2024. She performs a variety of activities related to the identification, implementation, and promotion of effective practices and policies through AMCHP’s Innovation Hub. Catalina is passionate about her team and working on all projects related to Innovation Hub.

Current Work
Catalina is supporting the Evidence & Implementation team in all activities related to Innovation Hub. Her work includes supporting the MCH Innovations Spring and Fall Reviews, conducting research to inform the Policy Essential Series, creating infographics and other content for Innovation Hub, and reaching out to effective policies and practices about submitting to the MCH Innovations Database.

Ask Me About

Diversity, equity, and inclusion, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), human sexuality, reproductive justice, vaccine hesitancy, and hockey.