Seyan Coco
Maternal Health Intern, Women's & Infant Health

Background & Bio

Seyan Coco is the Maternal Health Intern on the Women & Infant Health team. She is currently in her third year of obtaining a bachelor’s in public health with a sociology specialization at The Ohio State University. An Eminence Fellow, Seyan has an interest in health and racial equity, working to understand how we can address the negative impacts of social determinants of health.

My Current Work

Seyan supports the Women’s and Infant Health team with work on the Reduction of Peripartum Race and Ethnic Disparities Bundle demonstration project, a part of ACOG’s Alliance for Innovation in Maternal Health.

Ask Me About

Ask Seyan about the intersection between health and incarceration! Seyan is the founder and Executive Director of Project PEER, an organization dedicated to supporting the educational pursuits of incarcerated students through community building and resource donation.