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Outdoor Recreation Accessibility Review: TRACK Trails

State/Jurisdiction: North Carolina
Setting: Community
Population: Child Health, CYSHCN, Adolescent Health, Family Care
Topic Area: Family & Youth Engagement, Nutrition & Physical Activity,
NPMs: NPM 8.1: Physical Activity – Ages 6 to 11 NPM 8.2: Physical Activity – Ages 12 to 17

Henderson County is one of the eight North Carolina counties selected to participate in the North Carolina Division of Child and Family Well-Being, Public Health, Whole Childhood Section Innovative Approaches Initiative. Innovative Approaches (IA) serves to improve the service system for children and youth with special health care needs (up to age 21) through collaborations and partnerships with parents of children and youth with special needs (CYSHCN), medical providers, and community agencies. Kids in Parks/TRACK Trails was created in an effort to get kids and families “un-plugged”, outdoors and reconnected to nature for both their health and the health of our parks and public lands. There are currently 3 TRACK Trails in Henderson County (Fletcher Park, Mills River Park, and the Carl Sandburg Home) with one soon to be opening at the Park at Flat Rock. The goal of TRACK Trails is to: 1) Increase families with CYSHCNs awareness of TRACK Trails and increase their use of these trails; 2) Involve families and CYSHCN in the assessment of the trail system so they have an active role in the improvement of the trails Note: The practice handout for Track Trails is currently still in process. For any additional information, please contact

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