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Health Screening Services for Expectant and Parenting Student Parent Programs at Colleges and Universities

State/Jurisdiction: Minnesota
Setting: School-Based
Population: Women/Maternal Health,
Topic Area: Health Screening & Promotion, Reproductive Health,
NPMs: NPM 1: Well-Woman Visit NPM 7.1: Injury Hospitalization – Ages 0 to 9 NPM 7.2: Injury Hospitalization – Ages 10 to 19 NPM 11: Medical Home NPM 14.1: Smoking – Pregnancy NPM 14.2: Smoking – Household NPM 15: Adequate Insurance

Nine Institutions of Higher Education (IHE), funded by the Minnesota Department of Health and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provided free and voluntary health and education services to expectant and parenting college and university students such as assessing students’ needs, referring students to campus or community services, and screening for depression and/or intimate partner violence (IPV). During the 2015 academic year, six hundred and ten students were screened for depression of which 22% (n=136) scored positive for a referral for additional diagnostic testing or support; and, 711 students were screened for intimate partner violence of which 5% (n=35) scored positive for a referral to community agencies for additional support. The goal of the Health Screening Services for Expectant and Parenting Student Parent Program was to identify those expectant and parenting student parents who were at risk for depression and intimate partner violence. The core components for this practice included in-person training provided by the University of Minnesota’s School of Medicine and the Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education; provision of a referral sheet tailored to the local community for positive screen women; data tracking by program staff and assessing and reporting results each semester.

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