The quality and accessibility of mental health services for AYAs are influenced and impacted across several levels: patient/familial, provider/clinical, and the systems/policy levels. Just as the guidelines and policies for care provision are critical, so too are the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the AYA-serving workforce and personnel to deliver these services.

Unfortunately, provider and specialist shortages in mental health care still inhibits the ability for young people to be seen in a timely manner, even for the most urgent cases. These challenging scenarios have driven more of the MCH workforce and its public health partners to support the expansion of AYA provider capacity to service AYAs in mental health matters.

In addition, increased training and pivoted approaches in workforce development have equipped the MCH workforce with enhanced skillsets to address and improve mental health systems of care to profoundly impact access to mental health care.

Approaches that Title V programs and their partners have taken to increase both AYA provider and MCH workforce capacity includes: leadership in quality improvement (in clinical settings and within systems), integrating health equity centered strategies in policy and practice, and supporting delivery of youth-centered and youth-friendly care.
In this section, you will find how Title V programs invested in their staff, AYA providers, and their partners to fill the workforce gaps that stagnate access to high-quality care, which is critical to the optimal development of AYAs.


At the end of this section, participants will learn about:

    • How MCH agency culture and infrastructure has shifted to integrate mental health subject matter in its capacity building

  • Outcomes of workforce development trainings offered to AYA serving health care personnel that focus on AYA mental health topics

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