Cassandra Sines
Family Representative (2021-2024)
Family Advisory Council, Kansas Special Health Services, MCH Title V Program

Background & Bio
Cassandra Sines is a passionate advocate for individuals with special health care needs, woman and infants, and children and adolescents served by the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Bureau. Through her advocacy, Cassandra has served on the Kansas Special Health Care Needs Family Advisory Council as an Executive Committee member for seven years, and is currently in her last year of her three-year term as the Kansas MCH Family Delegate. As a part of her role as the Family Delegate, she has attended several annual AMCHP Conferences, TA meetings, Kansas’ Block Grant reviews, been a member of Kansas’ MCH Council, and was appointed to the Early Childhood Recommendations Panel, a mandated panel, which is a part of the Kansas Early Childhood Governance Structure.

Cassandra, professionally, has a business that is about service to families. She is an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Coach and Advocate, working with families who have children with an IEP in school to review and breakdown the IEP, determine what the families desire for their child, and make decisions how they would like to proceed moving forward with the school. She finds her passion to help and to serve others through her family, and has been married to her husband, Tony for 27 years. Cassandra and her husband were blessed with two boys through the miracle of adoption, Caleb, age 19, and Steven, age 11, and both have special health care needs. While they have been able to afford the necessary care and services, her heart breaks for the families that do not have that luxury. Her desire is to help in every way possible to make sure every family has the same possibilities that she and her family have had.