Share Your How for the 2023 AMCHP Annual Conference
January 30, 2023

The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) is thrilled to announce that we are accepting videos, audio, and written submissions for our “Sharing Your How” project – a plenary session of the 2023 AMCHP Annual Conference where “how” is front and center.

This plenary session builds on last year’s Sharing Your Why project, where attendees heard perspectives from a broad range of maternal and child health (MCH) professionals, youth, and families. Last year, we shared “why” they do their work in MCH, what brought them to the field, why they feel passionate about their work, and what motivates them. This year, we’ll shift our focus from “why” to “how” to learn about strategies and activities that support the development of diverse leaders in MCH.

We want to get practical and real. How is your community developing diverse leaders? Share with us:

  • What activities cultivated and supported you as you pursued your “why”?
  • Who supported you, cheered you on, or put themselves on the line for you?
  • What qualities make you feel embraced as a leader?
  • What benefits have you experienced from engaging with people outside your typical spheres of influence?
  • What programs or systems helped you on your path?
  • What do you do to cultivate the next generation of leaders?
  • Are you a mentor or a person who has experienced great mentorship? What makes you a great mentor?

Please note that these are suggested prompts to use when thinking about your testimonial, but you do not have to respond to each one.

To be a part of our “Sharing You How” project, please complete this submission form which consists of a short testimonial (video, audio, or written format) by Tuesday, February 28, at 11:59 PM PT. Please aim to share your “how” video or audio testimonial in under 3 minutes or a written testimonial in 500 words or less. AMCHP will share these creatively throughout the 2023 Annual Conference and might invite you to participate in this plenary session.

Do you need ideas for creating your submission? Get inspired by exploring testimonials for the Sharing Your Why project in 2022 at this link!

Please download our “Sharing Your How” flyer for more information or to share this opportunity. For any questions, please contact Caroline Stampfel at