Episode 11 – Community-Led Solutions for Change: The Story of Colorado’s Birth Equity Bill Package
November 28, 2022


Guest Speakers:   

  • Laura Powis (Moderator), Program Manager for Evidence-Based Policy & Practice at AMCHP 
  • Indra Lusero, Birth Justice Advocate and the Founder and Director of The Elephant Circle  
  • Demetra (Mimi) Seriki, Midwife at A Mothers Choice Midwifery 
  • George Davis the Fifth, Community Member on Elephant Circle’s Birth Equity Implementation Steering Committee 

In this special episode, AMCHP’s MCH Bridges podcast is teaming up with the Maternal Health Learning and Innovation Centers (MHLIC)’s Maternal Health Innovation podcast to cover maternal health policy successes, challenges, and opportunities while discussing Colorado’s recent passing of their Birth Equity Bill Package. This bill package is comprised of a series of three bills designed to increase access to and decrease inequities in obstetric care in the state. This comprehensive and community-led response to the maternal health crisis is the first-ever state-led policy platform for birth equity. To learn more about the details of how the community-led Colorado Birth Equity Bill Package was developed, check out their Innovation Hub database entry here. 

Tune in now to listen to host Laira Powis and speakers Indra Lusero, Demetra Seriki, and George Davis V as they delve into such an important topic.  


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