Episode 6 – The Kids Are Not Okay: Climate Change, Environmental Injustice, and What MCH & Youth Advocates Can Do
June 29, 2022

Guest Speakers: 

  • Rhea Goswami, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Environmental Justice Coalition 
  • Dr. Megan Latshaw, Associate Scientist, Department of Environmental Health & Engineering, Johns Hopkins University 


Interested in learning about environmental justice but don’t know where to start? In the first part of this episode, we talk with Rhea Goswami, co-founder of the Environmental Justice Coalition, about why youth engagement is so important, especially when working to address climate change and climate injustices, how MCH can engage with young people, the importance and impact that environmental health has on maternal and child health (MCH) populations, and the need for environmental and media literacy skills for children and youth. We’re releasing this MCH Bridges episode in June to coincide with the end of #NHHM2022, but it’s a topic we need to talk about year-round.

In the second part of the episode, we chat with one of Rhea’s mentors, Dr. Megan Latshaw in the Department of Environmental Health & Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, about networking, the connection between environmental health and MCH, environmental justice, and what MCH professionals can do. 

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About the Environmental Justice Coalition 

The Environmental Justice Coalition (EJC) is a youth-led grassroots movement co-founded by Rhea Goswami and Natasha Matta that uses policy, education, advocacy, and media content to support marginalized communities and achieve intersectional environmental justice. Dr. Megan Latshaw serves as a mentor to EJC to connect the students to other organizations. [learn more]