The 2021 AMCHP Member Assessment is Now Available!
June 14, 2022

Every year, we administer a member assessment to learn more about you, our valued members. We gather your input on our services and products and how we can improve the benefits you receive through our membership. This assessment also offers crucial insights that our team uses during our strategic planning process!

In 2021, we learned from members of AMCHP about their overall membership experience and three top system-level priorities: workforce retention, equity, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. See some highlights below!

Our members value AMCHP as an organization. A summary of descriptors used by respondents to describe AMCHP were supportive, advocates, collaborative, and informative. The majority of respondents indicated that AMCHP membership benefits them or their organization, with most agreeing that components such as the annual conference, delivery of MCH information, and trainings and educational opportunities are among the top reasons for retaining membership.  Most respondents would recommend AMCHP membership to colleagues.

Members see AMCHP’s learning and workforce development opportunities as beneficial. An overwhelming majority of 2021 respondents assessed AMCHP’s webinars as informative as well as trainings, workshops, learning modules, and toolkits as “Good”, “Very Good” or “Excellent”.

Most respondents see AMCHP as demonstrating an organizational commitment to addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion. Most respondents indicated that this commitment is exemplified in our internal operations, collaborations that promote equity in MCH, and our intentionality as an organization to seek out diverse members, partners, and grantees.

As AMCHP continues to expand and improve efforts to serve the maternal and child health community, we always strive to put our members’ voices first. Thank you to the members who responded to the 2021 Member Assessment. We look forward to hearing from you this year!


2021 AMCHP Member Assessment Summary