AMCHP’s Global Health Initiative
May 2021

AMCHP defines “global health” as seeking to achieve equity in all that we do, in a way that promotes the well-being of every individual worldwide. In recognizing the inherent value in learning from global health insights and perspectives, AMCHP launched its Global Health Initiative in 2020. The initiative is comprised of three main activities: identifying and adding global MCH practices in the MCH Innovations Database, the Sharing Global Approaches, Creating Local Outcomes: MCH Global Health Webinar Series, and the case studies series. As a part of this initiative, AMCHP is committed to identifying and sharing culturally appropriate best practices, bright spots, and insights from the global community with Title V and its partners and aims to value and uplift community expertise and cultural diversity in public health practice as well as create a space for collaborative, transnational learning in maternal and child health.

Graphic with icons to represent the global health initiative's main activities: expanding the MCH innovations database, a new webinar series, and publishing case studies featuring successful global health programs

Collectively, this initiative aims to:

  • translate global insights and knowledge to a domestic MCH context.
  • engage Title V members in discourse on the value of a global perspective.
  • leverage global health knowledge and expertise to better serve the ethnically, linguistically, and culturally diverse MCH populations that participate in Title V services and programs across the U.S. and the U.S. territories; and 
  • identify similar barriers to/solutions for improving health outcomes in both global and domestic settings.

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Unfamiliar with global health? Want to learn more about AMCHP’s Conference theme – Global Meets Local: A Global Approach for Local Outcomes

Check out these four short videos developed by AMCHP staff and youth leaders:

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